43 인치 49 인치 고해상도 상업적 승강기 LCD 표시 화면

기본 정보
원래 장소: 광동, 중국
브랜드 이름: XENLINE
인증: CCC,FCC,CE,ISO9001
모델 번호: LN-215C
최소 주문 수량: 1개 부분
가격: Face to face
포장 세부 사항: 고품질 3cm 간격 벌집 상자 (공기 수송 기준)
배달 시간: 5-7 일
지불 조건: L/C (신용장), 인수 인도, D/P (지급도 조건), 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온, 머니그램
공급 능력: 주 당 1000 조각/조각
상세 정보
재료: 알루미늄 합금 구조 결의안: 1920*1080
색: 검정색 발광성: 350 cd/m2
화면 크기: 22/27/32/43/49/55/65/75/85 인치 체계: 인조 인간 7.1
스크린을 터치한지 아닌지: 비 터치 스크린 시각적인 각: '수직인 178 'horizontal/178
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상업적 승강기 LCD 디스플레이


고해상도 승강기 LCD 디스플레이


승강기 LCD 스크린

제품 설명

Advertising Machine Wall Mounted High-Definition Touch Commercial Milk Tea Hotel Elevator Network Display Screen


HD intelligent, wall mounted advertising machine, with 8 core functions, intelligent split screen, cloud intelligent management, remote publishing, loop play, high-definition screen, function customization, built-in WiFi, mass module.
It is suitable for hospital clinic, catering clothing, hotel KTV, automobile 4S shop, real estate sales, bank finance, tourist attractions, supermarket chain, street stores, stadium, airport high-speed railway station, government and enterprise office, etc.
1. Multi function display interface, time and date display, split screen play, picture rotation, rolling subtitle, video playback, music playback, custom logo.
2. Intelligent automatic play, insert the U disk to automatically play the prepared playback content.
3. Support a variety of file playback formats, such as picture format, video format, music format, etc.
4. Use the remote control one key intelligent split screen play, pictures and videos can be played at the same time.
5. Support the definition of program playback by time period, and support the setting of on / off time.
6. Real time publishing, cloud monitoring, multi-media management platform.
7.1080p HD screen, can customize 4K screen.
8. The horizontal and vertical screens can be switched intelligently, and the picture materials can be adjusted automatically. You can hang them as you want.
9. Touch up to 10 stores at the same time, and it only takes 8 ms to respond, bringing a pleasant touch experience.
10. Support computers, mobile phones, iPad and other devices to remotely control advertising machines, making management more convenient and fast.


Product Function

1,Display calendar, date and time

2,Play pictures and video by turns

3,Network remote control release

4,Rolling subtitles

5,WIFIWireless WiFi

6,Automatic switch on / off

7,Support app Download

8,USB interface

9,Split screen to play

10,Network play

11,PDF play

12,Built in storage

13,Safety lock


15,Plug in USB and play it

16,Auto save for programs

Single-user version







can only read U disk

Online version

moret than 8G



Screen resolution 1920*1080
Power supply AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Built-in speaker Stereo speaker
Viewing angle R/L 178°,U/D 176°
Screen brightness 350cd/m2
Response time 5ms
Surface material Front covered with tempered glass
Overall craftsmanship Aluminum alloy oxide frame, hardware back cover
Frame color black/gold/silver
Installation method Wall-hanging
Power switch Four-leg rocker switch
Selected onfiguration

Android touch

Computer touch

Optional configuration

Standard configuration: eight cores + 2G + 8G

Optional: Quad-core+4G+32G

Standard configuration: dual-core+2G+32G

Optional: I3, 15, 17 processors/4G, 8G

Running memory/64G, 128G, 256G
Solid state drive

Ten-point touch
Lightproof objects such as fingers, touch pens, etc


Product size Overall Dimensions Display size Net weight
22 inches 523*320*43mm 478* 270mm 6kg
27 inches 658*396*43mm 598*336mm 10kg
32 inches 743.1*439.1*59.3mm 698.6*388.1mm 1 3kg
43 inches 975.8*569.8*59.3mm 957.2*519.1mm 20kg
49 inches 1136.2*659.8*59.3mm 1092.6*609.1mm 29kg
55 inches 1254.2*725.6*59.3mm 1210.6*675.1mm 36kg
65 inches 1471.8*849.6*58.4mm 1427.6*802.1*58.4mm 56kg
75 inches 1715* 1000*105mm 1655*920* 105mm 64kg
85 inches 1945*1130*55mm 1865mm* 1040mm 90kg
98 inches 2230*1310*127mm 2187 .8*1242.8mm 110kg

43 인치 49 인치 고해상도 상업적  승강기 LCD 표시 화면 0

43 인치 49 인치 고해상도 상업적  승강기 LCD 표시 화면 1

43 인치 49 인치 고해상도 상업적  승강기 LCD 표시 화면 2

43 인치 49 인치 고해상도 상업적  승강기 LCD 표시 화면 3

43 인치 49 인치 고해상도 상업적  승강기 LCD 표시 화면 4

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